One team, the men.

A passionate and professional team with a perfect knowledge of the hunting territory.

The Domaine de L’Ortolo is a vast territory where each biotope is present, from dense bush to marsh. The amazing shape of the Lion of Roccapina’s rock surrounds plateaus and mountains. This territory requires a team of polyvalent and experienced hunters who adopt an approach which take both Nature and hunter into account.

Our Hunting Manager

Our hunting manager, Constant, is passionate about hunting and especially safaris around the world. This expert will organize your hunting trip and perfectly prepare the territory technically. Whether it's a big game or a small dog hunt, everything is under control. Only the surprises along the ways of the Corsican maquis remain...

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Our Hunting Guards

Our hunting guides

Jean-François, is a Corsican expert who perfectly knows the territory for 45 years of hunting within the Domaine de l’Ortolo. This devoted and sympathetic guard will give you the exact advice at the right time. He could be related to the keystone between renewal and the island’s ancestral traditions.

He is accompanied by Pierrot, a local leader who is passionate about hunting migratory birds and will take you to the strategic spots to make your hunt a success.

Lilian at last, careful about the pointer dogs, he knows how to construe the ground. He will provide every effort to make you have a good time. Friendly and dedicated, Lilian will leave you with a very nice memory.

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The Beaters

The whole team of The Domaine de l'Ortolo can count on faithful volunteers during the various games. Whether feathered and haired game, the hunts will be unforgettable thanks to these Corsican men who will share with you their passion through the ancestral traditions in a friendly atmosphere.

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The Hunting sojourns

The Domaine de l’Ortolo offers all the best conditions to spend a successful hunt and a fantastic sojourn.
Prepare ahead your hunting stay in South Corsica and discover here our special offers for the next season (drinks not included) for all hunters.

The Domaine de Murtoli is the ideal place to experience the Art of Living in Corsica through the gastronomy, the excellent wines, the Nature, the History, the ancestral culture and even the sport.

The splendid Corsican landscapes perfectly lend themselves to hike, among other sports such as… golf! Hunter or not, everyone is pleased!

The Hunting sojourns
Big Wild Game

Big game (Wild boar) Honor where honor is due, the rich and varied Ortolo valley hosts great groups of those famous little - and sometimes larger - wild boars, an always quick and unpredictable game that uses very unique and clever technics to escape from dogs and men. The territory provides the three vital animal needs: food, tranquility and hospitable shelter.
Two ways to experience a unique hunting moment. Discover here below:

Big Wild Game
Small Wild Game

For many reasons, the small sedentary game enjoys these large nutritious lands, the territory being crossed by a river, the Ortolo, offers a long plain in its heart, the farming activity is all around, the environment is consistently and tirelessly maintained. Which game will you spring up on your next passage? Obviously, red partridges - the favorite small game here - but also pheasants, hares and rabbits, or mallard ducks.

Small Wild Game

Our organization

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