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Murtoli Golf links -

A lovely Golf course
that looks like no other

Which is precisely why the rules are different in Murtoli.
A course shaped by the whims of nature.
Classic golf courses and golf carts lovers, be warned!
In Murtoli, one must like to be surprised, or simply give up!
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Murtoli is a perpetual wonder...
This amazing, wild, untouched, and prodigious natural setting serves as a showcase for Domaine de Murtoli's lodges, restaurants, farm and spa. How then, could a golf course and its usual facilities harmoniously fit in a domain praised for its unspoilt purity?

Nature first!
Although the idea might be hard to accept for players accustomed to artificial courses, with their fake uneven grounds and obstacles created at whim, a golf course can actually stand for the complete opposite. And the first of Murtoli's extraordinary features is precisely that its golf course was already and naturally sketched and implied before any man could add its own touch. A course almost as spontaneous and natural as the first Scottich golf courses that used to be shepherds' playgrounds back in the 18th century.

Prestigious signature
To design this 'unconventional' golf course, Murtoli hired one of the greatest golf architects and 'artists': Kyle Phillips. Kyle Phillips carried out a very special task as he was instructed not to modify the site and fully preserve its natural beauty.
Therefore he delimited a course that patterned upon the natural outline of the landscape, and through it, shaped the game, without touching the olive groves, immortelles fields, or grazes. Accomplished golfers shall see his signature in the malicious and demanding patterns of the greens and the course's unique layout.

Golf in Murtoli like nowhere else
Great originality of the course! Spanning 12 holes, including 2 double greens, Murtoli’s «loop» allows different combinations to discover it. The course offers up to 7 different configurations! Holes varying between 110 and 493 meters in length, ranging from Par 3 to Par 5, a 9 or 12 hole course ranging from 1520 m to 2915 m and access to the driving range with unlimited balls.
Green fee - Rates

(price per day and per player)Minimum level to access our golf course : index 45

 Rates valid during the opening period
 Corsican LicenseOther License
18 holes (minimum)70 €90 €
9 holes50 €70 €
Rates - Green-fee & Shepherd house

For all in-house guests (price per day and per player)Minimum level to access our golf course : index 45


Rates valid during the opening period

1 day70 €
2 days65 €
3 days60 €

Conditions :
- Children under 14: Free if accompanied by an adult.
- Prices per day and per player (book excluded).
- Our prices include the practice access with balls pyramid at will, the availability of a 3-rolls golf cart. The 18-holes course included 2 times 9-holes green-fees. Depending on the frequentation, it is possible to play 27 or 36 holes. 

- Our guest staying in Domaine de Murtoli are proritised.
- Minimum index to access to the course: 45.
Big Wild Game

Big game (Wild boar) Honor where honor is due, the rich and varied Ortolo valley hosts great groups of those famous little - and sometimes larger - wild boars, an always quick and unpredictable game that uses very unique and clever technics to escape from dogs and men. The territory provides the three vital animal needs: food, tranquility and hospitable shelter.
Two ways to experience a unique hunting moment. Discover here below:

Big Wild Game
Small Wild Game

For many reasons, the small sedentary game enjoys these large nutritious lands, the territory being crossed by a river, the Ortolo, offers a long plain in its heart, the farming activity is all around, the environment is consistently and tirelessly maintained. Which game will you spring up on your next passage? Obviously, red partridges - the favorite small game here - but also pheasants, hares and rabbits, or mallard ducks.

Small Wild Game

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